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PHYSICAL focuses on the improvement of overall fitness with age-appropriate testing in a month to month strength and conditioning program which includes weights, SAQ, aerobic and anaerobic running and day to day monitoring of speed, heart rate, GPS, recovery, and sleep.


MENTAL focuses on visualization, confidence, and positivity in daily life and in-game situations by setting and achieving short and long term goals with a conquering mentality.


TACTICAL focuses on the strategy of the game by use of video analysis to understand offensive and defensive movements with and without the ball and specific responsibilities of each position (GK, defenders, Midfielders, Forwards) as well as use of movement and space in game situations and the performance of actions without conscious thought.


TECHNICAL focuses on basic and advanced fundamentals of the game such as:

Proper short and long passing techniques. 

Proper finishing techniques. (shooting with shaping or with Power)

Proper heading technique.

Ball control and possession.

1v1 dribbling skills based on the defender's positioning and situation. 

Improving the first touch and receiving the ball with proper body positioning.

Combination moves to beat a defender.


NUTRITION focuses on pre-game, post-game, and individual nutrition. A guide will be created to help structure day to day habits with help from a Certified Nutrition Specialist,

The Company

CST90pro is a system designed to create COMPLETE soccer players with a focus on 5 specific areas PHYSICAL, MENTAL, TACTICAL, TECHNICAL, and NUTRITION. CST90pro uses video analysis and advancements in sports science to evaluate the player's strengths and weaknesses. The CST90pro system will allow us to track the players in real-time both in and out of training, gather data over time to monitor the progression and growth of the player, as well as follow the player's commitment and allow them accountability. CST90pro also utilizes video analysis of training sessions and gameplay to pinpoint areas to focus on for more effective advancements on the road to becoming a COMPLETE player.


For more information on the 5 focuses of CST90pro click below:

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