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CST90Pro offers individual and group training sessions, each designed to challenge players in different aspects of their game as well as challenging their character fitness. During sessions, players will be pushed to their limits to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will be used to tailor a player's training. whether working individually or in a group. There is always room to improve.

Individual training will emphasize the players' strengths, conditioning, technical skill, and tactical knowledge. After evaluation and analysis, individual training will be built around eliminating their weaknesses and further building upon their strengths.

In soccer, success is maintained by building on the strengths and understanding and improving on the failures. Our failures teach us the most. At CST90Pro We will put together group sessions where you will be pressured and encouraged to fail in every aspect of the game. You will receive analysis, correction and further instruction as our coaches help you improve. Soccer players in these types of group settings benefit from observing each other's mistakes because of this. As each individual player improves, the group must improve in order to push that failure.


Training with a group will also teach teamwork and accountability. Most sports are team-based, and the ability of a team to win isn't based on one player's abilities. As athletes, we need to be the best we can be, both as individuals and as a team. CST90Pro uses these group sessions to teach players to encourage and inspire each other and develop their leadership skills. 

*All training includes video analysis, evaluation, and the use of sports science and technology (additional cost)

*All training includes a nutritional guide

* All prices are on a per-person basis 


$75 per session

One on One training with emphasis on personal fitness, strength, conditioning, technical skill, tactical and individual strategic gameplay.

$35 per session

2 Player Training emphasizes personal fitness, strength and conditioning with further emphasis on One vs One attacking and defensive skill, strategy, and tactics.

$30 per session

3 Player training emphasizes personal fitness, strength and conditioning with further emphasis on Two vs One and Team attacking and defensive skill, strategy, tactics and leadership skills.

$25 per session


Small-Group training emphasizes personal fitness, strength and conditioning with further emphasis on team tactics and strategies in both offensive and defensive positions as well as communication and leadership skills.

$20 per session


Large Group training emphasizes personal fitness, strength and conditioning with further emphasis on gameplay and the use of individual and group strategies as well as leadership skills and communication.


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